360 LEDs with ArtNet in 6x60 Matrix

Hi, i am too silly to setup my jinx to drive WLED as expected. I have 6x60 LEDs in a matrix connected in snakecolumns starting bottom right. So LED 1 is bottom right, direction up until 60, then one step left for 61 and direction down. All effects in WLED are working fine.

But how do i setup it for jinx e.g. ? I activated artnet for a first test and i know, i need at least 2 universes. I setup 3 universe, 2 columns in one universe. So, column 1+2 = universe 1 …

In jinx i setup the matrix in a corresponding way, but it is only for universe 0 right. Universe 1 starts in the middle of column 3 and is running over 3 columns - so 1st LED of 2nd universe is NOT on the bottom of the 3rd column - it is somewhere in the middle.

How do i need to setup it right ? I even do not know if i missed something in the setup of WLED or jinx.

And BTW - should i use artnet or E1.31 ?

many thanks,

think, i got it. I made a mistake since the channel number in jinx in the universe was not correct. Anyway, are there differences between those two protocols ? I am working with art-net - seems to do the job pretty well.