Jinx Wifi connecting via Wled and Arduino Flash

I am an amateur and built 2 matrices. One 10x10 and another 18x13 with ws2812. I bought esp32 and esp8266 modules (I flashed). Wled works perfectly. At first I made the Wled-Jinx connection and it worked very well. Now, sometimes it works but only one universe or it doesn’t work at all. Wled I set as follows: E1.31 (sACN), Multicast, Realtime, 2nd Port: 5568, UDP Port: 21234. (with Artnet I don’t know how to set). In JINX I set: “OUTPUT DEVICES” 2 universe, “OUTPUT PATCH” the same but when I press “START OUTPUT” nothing happens. The first time I set everything up in Wled and only then did I try to connect with Jinx. I don’t know where I’m making a mistake. Please help me. I’ve been trying for two weeks but it doesn’t want to work anymore (via Wled-Jinx).
Thank you in advance.

P.S. If I reset the ESP module for 6 seconds, when I press START OUTPUT in Wled, TIMER becomes active.

Hi and welcome ,
I haven’t used Wled-Jinx yet , i will try to install it

Since you are using e1.31 and matrix then check the below as it has the matrix correct configuration in WLED and the server ( xlights in this case but it should be same ) .

Just test with wled 0.13.0-b4 because this is what i am using and it has the direct setting for a matrix

Report back if this does not fix it and we can test Wled-Jinx

Thank you for your prompt reply. Eventually I managed to set. I made the flash via Arduino with: ArtnetWifiFastLED (ArtnetWifi/ArtnetWifiFastLED.ino at master · rstephan/ArtnetWifi · GitHub)
Setting: 1. const char * ssid = “ssid”; // CHANGE FOR YOUR SSID
const char * password = “pAsSwOrD”; // CHANGE FOR YOUR PASSWORD
2. const int numLeds = 8; // CHANGE FOR YOUR SETUP
3. const byte dataPin = D2; // CHANGE FOR YOUR OUTPUT dataPIN
5. Look for the ESP module in your Wifi
6. Connect (no PASSWORD required)
7. Search with “Advanced IP Scanner” (Advanced IP Scanner ‒ Den kostenlosen Netzwerk-Scanner herunterladen.) the IP of your module
8. Open the JINX: Setup -Matrix Option// CHANGE FOR YOUR matrix size
-Output Devices, choose Art-Net, uncheck Broadcast / Multicast (E1.31) and now you can enter: IP ADDRESS ESP Module (PORT remains unchanged)
-Output Patch-> Fast Patch

     et voila !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Thank you again. If you have any questions, I will be happy to help. I am a beginner and have been sitting in front of the computer for two weeks because I did not find a detailed answer to my questions. Many brag on YouTube about their achievements but don’t think that there are beginners who would like to be happy if they could do something so beautiful.
In this way I bring thanks: -Christian Schwinne for Aircoookie
- rstephan for the INO code
- Sven Karschewski for Jinx
- and last but not least for the group that made ARDUINO

Later I will describe in detail the settings that are made in Wled for Jinx to communicate via Wled. The flash of a module (ESP32 or ESP8266) is very simple, the Wled interface is very simple and understandable to everyone. The advantage of Wled is: it can be used to control RGB LEDs with different Chips, there is an Android application and many pre-programmed light games.

Good thing you fixed it .

Although mentioning fastled here is a deadly sin , since you did the effort and I have Arduino collecting dust I will try it . Just post your schematic diagram and a picture of the actual project result .

Sorry. If necessary, I’ll delete everything.

thx , I was kidding about fastled being a sin , dnt delete anything .

What I wanted to see is a picture of your actual circuit ( dnt worry about being tidy )

Just a note when you are powering the MCU from the pins like this to make sure the ground and 5v are connected directly to the PSU ( pass a second cable directly to MCU ) . else like others you may face instability issues on high brightness specially you are having 224 pixels which is a lot . I hope you never face such issues


Thank you very much for your attention and advice.

Your wiring and setup is better organized then mine . If it is not broken then do not try to fix it

Do you plan to add a mic to your setup , having a sound reactive setup with a matrix is on another level
and it will spare you the use of a server for Jinx , xlights …etc . Or you can just install SRWLED

Cheers and please upload a video if you can so we can see it in action .


Dear, Thanks for your sharing I set the same configurations but it works slow and delay could you please help me to have a look? Here is the video. Slow and sever delay with WLED+Jinx+E1.31ORArtnetORtmp2.net+NodeMCU(ESP8266+chipCP2102)+WS2812Bmatrix · Issue #2631 · Aircoookie/WLED · GitHub

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