Multiple NodeMCU with wled on Xlights

Everything works fine in wled (wish wled had text effect for matrix) but I can’t seem to get a second NodeMCU to work in Xlights. When I configure the second one to Universe 4 it doesn’t work. I have the first one running universe 1-3 on a 288 node matrix and a 61 node star. Any help would be appreciated.

First I want to admit that I have only tried xlights 1 time with a small matrix so far, but I think you need to have your second MCU on universe 3.

If you have 288 and 61 (that’s 1047 leds 3 per pixel R G B) 1-3, those do not take up all of the 3rd so I am guessing the next MCU would also use #3.

I could be 100% wrong here. But if I am right you would use #3

Or if you are speaking of your first MCU being the 288 and the second one being the 61 then the first would be 1 and 2 and the other would be 2 and 3 I think.

Hi , I hope you manged to fix this and if not then let us know because we have been tinkering with xlights and matrices and might be we can help even with multiple MCUs . Check here first

In any case if you are not invested in xlights much then i would advice you to try Jinx instead because I think it is a bit easier to run and use specially with matrices and text .


I just noticed that Jinx is not updated since 2016 so it might not worth using it on the long run but it is still an easy option .

For the specific question , using xlights I have managed to control two esp32s each is connected to ws2812b matrix as follows :

1st MCU connected to 256 pixels 8x32 matrix ( universe 1 -2 ) channels 1 to 768
2nd MCU connected to 256 pixels 16x16 matrix ( universe 1 -2 ) channels 768 to 1536 .

The trick was to reduce the first MCU universe 2 to be exactly matching the pixels count to remove extra free channels .

I know it does not make sense but this is the way it worked for me with 1st and 2nd MCU all on
Universe 1-2 and it is 100% working with all effects correctly on both matrices please check the pics as i placed red circles around the values to change in both the MCU setup and the matrix layout

What came out of this is really cool effects on multiple matrices which is actually one of the best features of xlights and that is why it is now is the main sw used by the guys with multiple Pixel Props on the outside of their houses


Thanks for the responses. It was my error. I had multicast turned on when it should not have been.

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