DMX Effect Mode Refactoring - Beta testing

Please refer to the PR description, this should be more clear & human readable than code:

You found a “bug” in code comments, thank you :+1:

I’ll remove that missleading comments.

great, i hate when there so confusion around, so lets fix that :smiley: i hope i will get more critical one still :smiley:

Have requested 3 new fixtures from sound switch for 15ch , 18ch and 2ch preset modes…will do more testing when thats done

@dzelionis better request custom user defined DMX channel mappings to be more future proof :crazy_face:

I know, but it will never happen as i think its does not fit their bossiness model…anyway …

I have a cleanup of my not-related post completed … :smiley: sorry again
by the way had no issues or bugs discovered, all running smoothly…

so, this not the first and not the last time i say Thanks @mxklb, really good work you have done here, you can proud of yourself!!!

thank you @dzelionis for testing it out, sounds really good :star_struck:

just wondering,
when do you think you gonna move out of beta testing to the production version? any ETA?

I can’t tell, because I’m not a maintainer of WLED, so we’ll have to wait for them to merge it.

got merged into mainline … docs follow … thanks for testing :dizzy:

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@mxklb , That’s great news!!! and thanks again for all your awesome work!!!
if you need any help or support on your new crazy ideas… , just let me know ( as i have some js skills, not C)

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If you find time to and own multiple E1.31 controllers

Please test & feedback E1.31 Port Priority - Beta testing