DMX roadmap

there’s currently some work going on integrating with DMX in various ways.
let’s discuss those approaches and see how they may be combined.
what other areas are affected?

here’s a current list of DMX-related features:

  • E1.31 support

    • DMX is encapsulated in E1.31 ethernet packets
    • expose WLED as one or more fixtures to external controllers
    • config (sync settings):
      • DMX address of fixture
      • DMX mode of fixture
      • E1.31 universe of fixture
  • DMX output (@jwingefeld)

    • connect to wired DMX via MAX485 controller
    • controll other DMX devices
    • config (DMX settings):
      • DMX number of channels
      • DMX gap
      • DMX start address
  • E1.31/DMX bridge (planned: @pille)

    • connect to wired DMX via MAX485 controller
    • relay one E1.31 universe to DMX
    • config:
      • E1.31 universe
      • DMX control PIN
      • multiple MAX485 may relay multiple universes

This is getting really nice, thanks for considering a DMX bridging mode, that could be very useful!

One thing I’d like to add to the list is the planned ArtNet support. Since that is just a different container format for DMX data similar to E1.31, it will also be able to use the existing handleE131Packet() function!

yes, maybe it’s possible to abstract the code from it’s actual transport and integrate both.

i’d opt for exchanging the newly introduced ESPDMX library, as it uses a hardcoded PIN.

Is DMX supported now, Ive just updated to v0.9.1 and there are DMX settings. If so what pins are used for connecting the ESP32 to the DMX interface please.

Just found it needs to be 0.9.2 and complied - so looking into that now :+1:

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Old post but I am following up with a question/request.

My understanding is WLED can be used as DMX fixture but receiving dmx packet over the air.

I have an application to use WLED with other fixtures over a wired dmx network.

I have ESP32 hardware with MAX485 to receive dmx.

Can I deploy the WLED on the ESP32 and use harware interface instead of E131 using existing code ( using mode 3 for non real time, 13 channels mode) ?

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the existing code currently only takes care of writing to the DMX bus.

I would like to use the WLED fx with DMX output on max584. How to ?

compile with WLED_ENABLE_DMX and you get a DMX config page, where you can define external fixtures.

Thanks a lot . Found it ! Compiled ! test in progress ! thansk a lot

Hello folks,

I’ve testing ver 0.10.2 few weeks and is very powerful, but I miss some functionality in DMX side:

  • From ESPixelStick I miss DMX PIXEL GROUPING. I know we have segments and grouping within they, BUT it doesn’t apply to DMX output. It could be great to reply first segment grouping at least, but it would be awesome to reply all segments grouping (so we could control zones with few channels).

  • My main reason to start using WLED was RGBW manage but is not possible to control White channel independently thru DMX, only with a mix of RGB channels. In some scenarios we need to control all channels separate (because we have a mix of cold and warm white for example). Anyway, mix calculations is a good thing, but I noted is not white temperature dependent (warm/cold). At this point, an idea: white balance tool???

  • In addition, a bug: when WLED is receiving DMX and you use ON/OFF button (thru web or physical button) LEDs jump briefly (like flash) to loaded scene. Only way to avoid this is to have a black scene loaded.