WLED with DMX flood or Spot lights

Hey all, new user here. So over a year ago, I installed WS2812B lights on my house for permanent lighting. I have been using them over the last year, and they are running great. This year I am adding some holiday lighting items to the yard for a Christmas lighting show. I do not have any DMX, ARTNET, E1.11 or any other controllers to use, all I am using is a few ESP8266 devices and Xlights to control the ESP8266(s) I have 1 ESP8266 that controls the 622 ws2812b LEDs on the main house that I installed a year ago. I also configured another ESP8266 to control the leaping arches in the yard and everything so far is running great.

What I want to do is add some Spot / flood / Stage lights to the show, but I am getting confused when it gets to this level. Reading up on E1.31, it says that E1.31 is basically DMX. I can’t find any specific flood / stage lights that say E1.31, so I am wondering if any DMX light can be controlled with WLED / Xlights using E1.31 as long as I provide external power to the light? I see DMX lights use either a 3 pin, or 5 pin connection, so I am not sure how that would wire up to an ESP8266.

So for example, if I want to use this DMX Light can this be used with an esp8266 running WLED, or would I need some other hardware or shield in between the light and the ESP8266?

I am not sure if any of this makes sense, but if someone can help me understand this that would be great.


e131/sacn/artnet they are net wrapped DMX protocols, so the data is the same like DMX but not the way to wire it. Normal DMX needs special 120ohm cables and connectors (3/5 pins XLR) but those net variants only needs ethernet cables or wifi.

If you want to use normal DMX fixtures you need either professional converters (called “nodes”) or make one. In theory WLED could act like wifi node outputting DMX, only adding some components and recompiling source code.