Wired DMX-IN feature

HI! I’m searching infos about it, I would prefer it instead wired instead of wifi Artnet for better reliability and avoid waek signals, is it planned/considered?
Can DMX in may affect the performance? There is any other way to solve this problem? (for examle an external processor which filter out undesidered DMX addresses and pass by only infos, maybe by serial protocol?)

PS: interesting kowing how it can work, the UART interface will produce an interrupt every 8 bits received? And is it compatible with DMX protocol? Using interrupts may not have impact on performances?
Of course WiFi will be useful to configure effects… so there is another task we can’t suppress…

Adalight serial is supported.

Thanks for answer, I see that Adalght is a way to drive directly led dots, this is not my case…
My goal is to have on DMX wire what can I do now with WLED Artnet, a “13 channel DMX fixture” where I can select the effect and its settings. I’m planning to realize a 4 indipendent stripes 4 meters each with an ESP8266, and have all four “13 channel DMX fixture” into the wired DMX512 universe.
Is this possible? Thank you a lot!

I suppose there is no DMX-in chance, neither with an external “filter” (which sends serial only the proper 13 bytes fixture when income), is it correct? Thanks

If somebody is interested, I would ask help to port the code from GitHub - bombcheck/ESP8266_ArtNet-LED-DMX-Node: ESP8266 based WiFi ArtNet-Node for WS2812B-LED Pixel here, it’s working stable on ESP8266, jitter correction works good, and maybe it’s not complicated to implement on WLED. Thank you a lot!