Dmx Table

im looking for the dmx table like effects mode cotrol so tht i can use chamsys to control wled as a fixture ( dmx lamp )
can anybody help out
which dmx channel is doing what and which value selects which effect
called dmx table ??

thanks Pille
and the value table ??
for effct and Color ??
by the way ill find out myself
but a list would be nice as aditional information ? maybe ??

and that was the info site i didnt find back
so thank you

Try JSON API · Aircoookie/WLED Wiki · GitHub to get wanted lists …

curl -X GET

Adjust ip and you should be fine.

Did you get it up and running from your chamsys?

yes but its quiet hard
caused by chamsys concept for conventional light
i divided every lamp or strip to a seperate universe
that was the easyest way for mapping
in my oppinion
and i switched to x lights
but the sequencing is a little bit poor
and i stayed to the universe per lamp concept or 8266
it works
buut then the wlan is the slowest part
and i want to try out my old wlan gear but didnt have the time yet
but whith good wlan it will work fine
i hope think whish
i have 4700 pixel in 7 lamps
maybe i upload a video
if i finish to programm the sequences to my musik in x lights
cheers have fun

Hi Gerrit

I was more thinking about dmx controle channels, like ch1 int - ch2 red - ch3 green - ch4 blue - and so on

Do you know about this can be done?