Do all segments in a preset use same ledmap?

I have created a ledmap of the Texas map and would like to have one effect on the Texas map (ledmap1.json) while another effect is using ledmap0.json. Is this possible? If not, is there an alternative ?

I uploaded a picture of the matrix. It is 32x32. The pixels outside the Texas map are -1 in the ledmap.json file. I would like to use the default ledmap to add another effect to the pixels not used for the Texas map. Any feedback will be greatly apprecicated.


Sorry i have to go to hospital and read and did this very quick so do not mind if i misunderstood .
I do not think you can use two ledmaps at the same time but if you want an effect to be in the background , then what i did is map the square with -1 ( basically Texas is with -1 so revers to what you did ) and set the fx to black . If that is what you are after else please excuse the rush

squre-with bg


Thanks for the reply. Still playing with ledmap mapping.

I also determined that the segment range cannot be changed with active ledmapx.json. Tried to change the Stop Y to match the LOVE section. It will pop back to the defined dimensions in the json file. I was hoping to segment the map and have the LOVE section in the attached picture running one effect and the bottom section run another effect. But the ledmap.json overrides the section. I believe I also read that in the documentation somewhere.

Another note, ALDIY what tool or how are you creating your ledmaps? I’m assuming from the picture of the matrix you proivded in the previous post that you have a tool or method for creating the maps. I curious as I have worked through a process to get the maps. Interested if there I burned a couple of days on something that exist already.

The segment range cannot be changed with active ledmap only because you are using MM fork since they have “width” and “height” tags in ledmaps which is mandatory . Try again in AC as those tags are not mandatory .

The tool I use for the ledmaps is only excel sheets but i use a formula which is still old school but reduces the work , i can not share excel in here but if you want it i can do that in discord

I moved away from AC because it did not include the ledmap.json reference in the API. I though I wanted that included in the API for some reason. I’ll definitely try AC again for that reason.

I too created an Excel spreadsheet with the formulas. Looks similar to your spreadsheet. I wanted to create a workflow to create ledmap from silhouette images without manual adjustment of the cells in the spreadsheet.

Took the path of parsing the json file from pixart.htm and mapped that onto the spreadsheet to create the mask for ledmap file. Did this portion in Excel VBA. I’m really old school as I have done a lot with MSAcess and Excel VBA, so it is my easy fallback.

For something like what you did for Texas is fine , I am not sure any thing could be automated for all use cases specifically if you will reorder the leds , I tried to for a rings and cube but then i give up , lost few hairs on that , if you have something that could make it easier then sure we can take a look


@dwmartin0726 what you really need is dynamic gap files. Now that you gave me the idea I may try something. :wink:

OK, now you have my interest peaked. I did a quick search about gaps files. Found a couple of examples but in my excitement to learn more about the gap file I most likely missed the documentation. It here documentation on the gap file or release date notes that I can learn more?


Here Addressable Icicles (tutorial)

Thanks, I did find that reference and it was helpful. I was hoping for more documentation on the scope of the gap file, like, can there be more than one gap file, what is required of the ledmap setup and 2D that affect the gap-file, etc.

The concept I’m looking for is to “mask” the 2D matrix and run effect, then invert the mask and run a background effect. on the other leds.


No unlike ledmaps you can only use one gap file at the moment . I think that post was the first to document it .

I have not personally used gap files much other then few tests as i do not have fixtures that would use it and ledmaps are better for me but i think that like will be used to document it more later one more user test it . Give it a shot and compare

Every time I’ve done ledmaps larger than a few hundred pixels, I’ve written a Python script to generate it instead. That’s probably what I’d do here. It would be pretty trivial to convert a gap file to a ledmap.

Yeah i agree it would be easy to script if the led order is not changed , unfortunately if
you plan to change the leds order ( which means endless possibilities ) then automating that
is a challenge as by the time you did that for one particular map you already have the map and no longer need the automation . I seen ewowi in MM doing some automation a while back but did not follow that recently . I did something for cubes that could make it easier to map it but also only for spiral map and hence if you have the map will no longer need the automation but might be all of those ideas could be published somewhere for others to build on even if they cant use it as is

Yeah, I was talking about simpler ledmaps where you are not shuffling everything around. OP’s case where gap file will work but they want the inverse for other segments, serpentine with skips, loopbacks, radial spokes, concentric rings could all be programmatically created.

In that case only a sheet with formula like the one posted above which i do not think could be more simpler but might be you have other ideas

Do you have to put the led indexes into the spreadsheet or does it calculate it?

In case if there is no reordering of leds that is not necessary , the same sheet can be used for any map just draw to the left and get the map to the right which can be used to get a ledmap or a gap file . I was surprised to see the OP listing that it was couple of days to get the maps . I have being using the same sheet for this matrix for over a year and it takes few minutes to get map . Of course if you have a matrix that is wired different then you might need to a different sheet but that is a one time job . Think of it like the led indexes are hardwired into the cells of the excel sheet as the location never changes . What i was after is a way to script or automate when there is reordering of leds .

When i see you say that using gap file is easier i honestly do not agree because of this reason , if there is no reordering of leds then everything is easy which includes ledmaps and gap file so it is the fixture that sets that apart and that is also the point of view from other guys who worked on complex mapping .

I have posted an example excel sheet file for 241 rings mapped as matrix in discord ( cant post excel here ) which also follow the same rules but as there is reordering of leds that is where the complication comes in but still there is only two possible excel sheets depending if center from middle or outside .