Texas Flag instead Texas LEDMAP segmented

Finally figured out a method to map an image into different segments allowing me to control the effect for each section/element of the image. Started off with typical ledmap map of -1 for unused leds. Then moved to creating segments for all elements of the image allowing effects for the background and each all element of the image.

I start with the json file from pixart.htm. I had to figured out a method to reduce the number of color variations. I wanted to use the json file as the start point and was not going to implement directly into the preset API. The separate colors were going assigned to segments. In my attached pictures there are 4 color/segments, one for the background. Each segment has a different background. In one the red portion of Texas flag is the fire2012 effect.

I map the physical led addresses to a segment based upon each color.

Though I’m using 4 8x32 led matrices in the 32x32, I configure WLED as a strip. That way I can have start and stop led addresses related to the segments the image.

I’m over simplifying the process, but so excited to achieve what I envisioned. I have a spreadsheet that I did for quick development. I’m better a VBA than I am C++ or python.

Let me know what you think. My wife wants to do a Christmas tree with blinking lights on the tree.

Nice , would be better if there is a short video of effects . And i am not sure you are aware there is a new tool that is now complied with wled GitHub - ajotanc/PixelMagicTool: It is a tool that converts any image into code in JSON WLED format, currently being tested on a 2D Matrix panel, soon I will post news for the serpentine version. . Good job in all cases

Thanks for the feedback.
This is a YT video of the Texas Flag in Texas

First I have heard of the Pixel Magic tool, can I access the Pixel Magic Tool? I looked at the GitHub but did not determine if I could run it or not.

That looks great . And to access the tool just type wled-ip/pxmagic.htm
If that does not work on your version then manually copy pxmagic.htm under /edit