LED Array Mapping


FastLED allows for custom ordering of pixels - allows for runnings effects on a strip out of order.

I know there’s some basic Matrixing within NPB, but given it appears remapping is a reasonably easy process (create an array of custom order containing 0 to n, where n = num leds, then read back the array instead of n+1), I was wondering on thoughts as to how to implement it?

I know we had a very brief chat on discord regarding it, but I didn’t quite get it doing what I wanted, and it would be nice to create an interface to remap or even to create patterns that utilize the remapping.


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Abmibox also does the same for TV backlighting.

But they have done it in groups, and you set how many LEDs are in a group, you can then order the groups however you like.

This is useful on corners and joins

Theres a bit of trial and error to figure out where your LEDs are but it works quite well.

You can have a group for each individual LED, that’s how I set up my ambibox


I just added this to the latest master!
Just replace the mapping array in the top of FX_fcn.cpp with your mapping (in the case we discussed on Discord I believe you’d want the contents of the fibonacciToPhysical array) and uncomment the #define WLED_CUSTOM_LED_MAPPING :slight_smile:

This is just a compile time option for now though, there is no way to change or disable the custom mapping at runtime.


I guess the next logical step is to make it a runtime option!

Here’s what I’ve done with it so far - this is using WLED + LedFX + Jason Coons Fibonacci256 board.

Still need to make a case for it!

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Looks amazing! I want a fibonacci setup as well, have to build one soon!

Yeah, having it runtime configurable would be ideal, but that might be a bit complicated and cost some memory, but we’ll see :slight_smile:

Looks great! Is there a write up on how to use this anywhere?

There’s active discussion and prototyping on the mapping feature now, check out the latest on Discord: Lets go 2 Dimensional - #6 by embedded-creations