Effects with sound

Allow the ability to assign a file name to an effect. Since I don’t think a D1 mini can handle the job of playing sound while running lights have the software send a request containing the file name to an external processor. A simple MQTT message to a waiting processor to play the sound. Select a new effect get a new song or a null. The processor would need a regular message or it should stop playing, in the event of power failure or turned off. I am not programmer to pull this off. Just wanted to float the idea to see if there is interest/been done. Thanks

This sounds like a great project idea!
However, I would suggest a control instance that sends data simultaneously both to the WLED device(s) and the sound processor, that will be simpler than adding functionality to WLED to control other devices.
I can recommend NodeRed, it allows you to program flows without actually writing code, dragging blocks is enough for most use cases :slight_smile: