ESP32 with DMX Output TypeError when LED count changed

Using version 0.13.2-a0 with DMX output enabled and custom compiled. As soon as I change the LED count on the config page to 600 I get an error: "TypeError : Cannot read properties of undefined (reading’shift’) and the main control page and the LED config page will not load.

The only settings I have modified for the custom compile are adding my wifi info in my_config.h and enabling DMX by uncommenting per the instructions. I am compiling with the esp32dev option (interestingly if I set this to d1_mini and upload to a ESP8266 everything functions as expected, I just need more processing for this project and I need it on one processor hence the ESP32).

Performing a factory reset on the Security and Update setup page clears the error until I try again.

I have tried setting the DMX pin in the SparkFunDMX.cpp file to 17 instead of 2 (this is what they have on their GIT page as the default pin) and the error persists. I thought I’d ask and see if anyone has experienced a similar error before diving into a deeper rabbit hole of my own troubleshooting.

How did you flash it?

Flashed with pio from VS Code

I think I found my issue. If I change the DMX start address to 600 and then add 606 LED’s in the LED config page (2 different GPIO’s, 600 for one and 6 for the other) I no longer get the error. My guess is there is an issue with more than 512 DMX channels.

Isn’t that a Universe thing?