Compiling with DMX enabled in 0.12


I am trying to compile 0.12 version using Arduino IDE with DMX enabled. I can compile, but when done, the blue led of the esp doesnt flash and I cant acess the AP. Without DMX enabled, it does work perfectly.

Any idea how to solve the issues?

I’ve tried to change the LED PIN to another gpio and also tried it as is as it seems to me automaticly re assigned to another pin in 0.12 version. nothing worked so far.

All my librairies and boards are updated in arduino IDE.

Arduino 1.8.13
ESP32 devkit V1 DOIT

Thank you!

My suggestion is to use platform IO IDE with VS Code. Platform IO makes the library versions work out automatically. “Updated libraries” in the Arduino IDE is most likely to problem.

To figure out all the required library and sub-library versions manually might take a while. You’ll have a much easier time looking through the instructions on the WLED wiki to build your own.