ESP8266 ESP-01S: not working

I’m trying to run WLED with an ESP-01S (black board, 1MB version) but it doesn’t work …
I’ve flashed it using the latest file WLED_0.10.2_ESP01_1M_full_fix2009030.bin
(also tried WLED_0.10.2_ESP01_1M_ota.bin and WLED_0.10.2_ESP8266.bin but no success).
Flashing works but when connecting, the LEDs won’t light up and I’m not seeing the access point …

The board seems ok, i’ve flashed it with a FastLed sketch using Pin2 and it worked fine. Any ideas what could be wrong?

You need to erase the esp8266 and then load the full 1M firmware. OTA firmware will not work with 1M esp8266’s with v0.10.2. At least that’s what I thought @Aircoookie said recently to someone else with a similar device and problems.