Extra buttons for a coding novice

Hi, I love WLED and I’m installing a light in my campervan (no wifi). I’d like to interact with WLED with physical buttons (not IR).
I’d like 4 buttons instead of the standard 2 with 8266. What is the simplest way of doing this? I’m a coding novice and i found trying to compile another version of wled very difficult to follow with no vs code experience. Is there an existing usermod or .bin for multiple buttons?

You’ll have to compile it yourself with the flag -D WLED_MAX_BUTTONS=4

Info on compiling is here Compiling WLED - WLED Project

If you are looking to use more buttons I would switch to an Esp32. The 8266 has a limited number of gpio’s available.

I did try and follow this but it didn’t seem to match my newly downloaded version of vs code. It seems to make some assumptions of knowledge how to use vs code.

I was hoping there was a simple way of getting the 8266 sorted, it’s surely capable. I don’t have any esp32s, and I have driver boards for 8266.

Do you have git installed? You can count on the first build failing ( and taking forever) but try it again the second or third build should work.