Feather huzzah32 not detected after new firmware

First of al a thank you for this wonderful project!
I have used Wled on a huzzah32 feather board, but from the start this only worked half. The integrated battery circuit stopped wordking after adding Wled.
Now as i needed more button inputs for this project i made a adjustment and rebuild the code to add 10 buttons. I tested this on a wemos 1 and i can add 10 buttons (only in the software ofcourse… hardware is not supporting this much pins)

So i reflashed my huzzah32 with the new code. NodeMCU state’s that the flash is finished but after reset the led on the board keeps flashing fast and i can not find the board any more.

Anybody knows what can be going on?
PLease know my coding/etc is very basic and i do this via tutorials.

Kind Regards,

So i did a install with RST to 3V. and suddenly i found the feather again! But now i stil dont have enough buttons… can i change this config on a live version?

No, adding more buttons requires a code change.

Il try to add the code again.