Flickering on one output

Hi guys, trying to figure something out while bench testing before installing I’ve built a test circuit for my 12v ws2811 led strips. Im using a esp32-wroom. Ive hooked it up to a sn74ahct125n, grounded all the pins and put a cap on the vcc and gnd. Used various resistors on the data lines. It seams no matter what i do, i always have the 3rd led segment flickering. Doesnt matter what output i put it on the esp. Also tried switching the channela on the sn74ahct125n. No matter what combination I try, i always get flickering on the 3rd led set up in wled. The first two strips work flawless, just the 3rd fails.

Anyone see something like this?

Runs to the board are less then 6 inches, and I’ve moved the strip throught the outputs.

Does it work if you make it the first or 2nd strip? maybe there is a problem with the strip?

Ive moved the strip through the different outputs. The strip is fine. I did read somethint after posting this. I use a 5volt linear regulator 7805. I seen a post about limiting voltage to 4.8 volts and it went away. Ive ordered a adjustable buck convertor, going to try that.

Well adjusting helps, but does not solve. I tried powering the esp at 10volts and the sn74ahct125n with 5 volts and it worked decent. Im lost here

You powered your Esp32 with 10 volts? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and it still works? (it should be powered with 5v or sometimes 3.3v definitely not 10v)

The sn74ahct125n should be powered with 5v.

Worked just fine. The specs are rated to take upto 11 volts from what I read. I put it to 10 as thats the only time I got the flickering to disapear.

Odd that it works with seperate supplies for the sn74ahct125n and the esp32.

This is my first attempt with the ESP32. Had zero issues hooking up the esp8266. Its been frustrating. It seams 2 strings work fine and the 3rd flickers, i remove the 3rd string and the flickering moves to the 2nd string. Does that make any sense?

Do you have a link to the Esp32 controller you are using?

Pics to make sure all is actually right. :wink:

Pulled it all back apart and started fresh. Removed the 5 volt regulator and replace with a adjustable buck convertor. 330 ohm resistors on the data lines from the esp32 to the sn74ahct125n, soldered it all up on a board. And all is good. Must have just been a bad connection, or some kind of interference from voltage supply. Very very frusting how much time I put into this. The 8266 and sacrificial led went together much easier!

Thanks for the help guys. No to design and 3d print a case.