Happy Halloween Thanks To Wled

Just wanted to express our gratitude to Aircoookie and all the developers for providing the lighting to our Halloween display. In spite of Halloween being very different this year we were able to attract a lot of children to our front garden display, hopefully giving everyone a bit of joy and a few treats.
Wled allowed us to display many spooky patterns such as I.C.U , Candle flicker, lightning and Halloween Eyes on various strings of leds. The lightning effect with a tiny bit of red background was very popular. Luckily nobody had any seizures from the strobing… :crazy_face:
It’s great that we have built in effects and palettes for a all our seasonal events.

All we can say is many thanks and keep up the great work. We look forward to what ver 0.12 has to offer…Perhaps even a filesystem… :+1:

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Hope you don’t mind me joining your comments. I wrapped a string of 100 LEDs around a small metal bench with a skeleton sitting on the bench holding a basket of candy. I set up three segments on the string, a solid blue section to illuminate the bench, a black section moving into the skeleton hiding the string, and a red section running “heartbeat” in it’s chest to simulate it’s heart.

WLED is versatile and easy to use creating holiday lighting.