Thank you!

I set up a string of WS2812b “fairy lights” indoors and installed ~200 “pixabulbs” around our front porch. Every day since my wife has expressed delight at the color it’s brought into her life. WLED made it possible!

The capabilities of the commercially available controllers seemed opaque without purchasing and trying them, but most of them seemed heavily focused on animation, which was of secondary importance to us. What was important was to be able to specify repeating patterns of multiple colors. I wasn’t sure WLED could do it all, but it was easy to try and I soon figured out the power of segments to do exactly what was needed.

While they weren’t the highest priority, the animations have been appreciated too. Solid Glitter and Twinkle Multi are a nice, dynamic, touch on top of custom color patterns, and Glitter with the default pallet gets a lot of play too.

Thank you from both of us! The winters here in the Pacific Northwest can be pretty gloomy, moreso this year with quarantine. Having bright color gives us something to look forward to and we think our porch will brighten the lives of our neighbors, too.


Awesome, I’m so glad that WLED is able to make you happy :innocent: