Awesome ESP app! Thank You ALL Very Much!

Why did it take me so long to discover WLED!? This is amazing!

I’ve been a FastLED user now for the past 5 years, teaching myself C & C++ programming along the way. Advanced math is not my strong suit so there was a lot of cutting & pasting going on along the way. I generally use a Teensy 3.2 due to it’s Clock Speed and Memory. Two years ago I added a RTC to my circuits and sketches to turn LED’s off and on at specified times. My largest LED installation is 840 WS2812B’s installed under the perimeter Cap Rail of the outdoor deck on the back of our house. It’s been amusing watching the neighbors try to keep up with me. I’m a lover of Paris so my opus so far is my “Eiffel Tower” sketch that turns the LED’s on solid Gold at 4:00p, then at the top of every Hour for 5 Minutes adds Glitter, and turns the LED’s off at 11:00p. Just like the real thing.

I was working on a project to use an ESP32 to run my outdoor deck sketches to take advantage of NTP to eliminate the RTC and update using OTA so I did not have to bring my MCU in to load new sketches whenever I wanted to display Holiday colors or new patterns I found.

Last week I ran across the name WLED while browsing through the memes on Reddit. This is what I was looking to do with my ESP32 project plus more! The app is feature-rich and has a great GUI that will allow me to update my colors and patterns from my PC or iPhone from inside the house. I was able to load up the app and get it running with little effort (I did have a minor problem with which GPIO to use but divsys helped me out with that). My next step will be to put all the components into a waterproof box and mount it on the deck.

Thanks much to the Team that has been working on WLED for the past 4 or 5 years! The collective efforts of people way smarter than myself that have gone into the app are reflected in the fact that it is fairly intuitive for a NOOB, once learned; easy to use, well documented, powerful, highly flexible and has a strong user community to offer support.

Thanks again. I look forward to seeking out new projects that I can use WELD for.


Hi , Great to hear you like WLED . You might also want to join discord