DIY wardrobe lights with animations using WLED

When I found WLED I knew I needed to use it in some of my projects. Its an awesome software saving me a lot of time writing custom LED control code.
My first project was adding lighting to my wardrobe. It uses sliding doors which I added some zigbee contact sensors too. I also added two WS2812B LED strips inside. Some custom code in OpenHab connects everything so that when I open the doors the lights turn on. When I close it they turn off again.
With some help here in the forum I finally also figured out how to use custom animations and used the stairway_wipe_basic code to let the LEDs “follow” the opening doors. It looks really awesome!
If anyone is interested in more details, I hope it is alright to add two links to my blog where I describe this build in more details. Part1 and Part2.

Thanks again to everyone contributing to the WLED project. I really like it. I did create a feature request though in the hope that one time animations could be officially supported. I think this could help with many projects.


Enjoyed the blog posts. Thanks for sharing your success!

I cannot agree more. WLED may not be perfect in every way but is it solid as a rock and just works 95% of the time (the other 5% gets figured out pretty quickly). From where I am sitting I can see my WLED backyard COVID-Christmas lights happily running my favorite patterns, controlled by a NodeRed Raspberry Pi that controls lots of other things (like my lawn watering system).
I will bookmark your blog and await updates. I love the 3D printed D1-mini case.

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Thanks everybody! Glad you liked the project (too). I will also try to upload a short video soon, but filming with a reflective surface and different lighting turns out to be quite complicated

I ran into the same issue with WLED and needing a custom wipe animation when someone entered the room. Thanks for sharing - this saved me a lot of work!! Oh and awesome job on the wardrobe!!