Has anyone added LoRa support to WLED

I’m not sure where to fork my rabbit hole I’m going down. But I am looking for a way to control WLED presets over LoRa.

Would the best path be MQTT over LoRa?

I see some dev esp32 boards with 915 US band LoRa.

What are some ideas for long range WLED preset control?

Thanks, after searching for LoRa I assume I am going about this wrong or something.

The WLED nodes only have power no data so WiFi or IP control is out. 2.4 won’t get far enough.

What is your definition of “Long” range?
What’s your use case?

There is a pretty simple interface for the Wizmote implementation of ESPnow that’s built into current releases.

If you’re trying to leverage an existing LoRa network/implementation then I’d guess that MQTT might be a viable option