Changing Wifi Setup?

Hi all,

I’ve just discovered WLED and I’m excited to get started! I have some parts on the way!

I have a quick question - I want to make a project that may get moved around a bit between WiFi networks. Is there a way to reset the WiFi config, or would I have to reflash each time?

I don’t have much experience with the ESP8266, so I’m not really sure if the reset button does a power on reset or if it’s possible for it to reset something in the firmware.

Thank you!

If it can’t find the Wi-Fi network a hotspot is created to input the new one. So should be no issue.

Ah, very cool, thank you!

What’s the best way to deal with changing WiFi settings when you can’t get out of range of the existing WiFi network?

You can change the Wi-Fi network at any tome in settings. Once changed it simply reconnects

Got it! Is there a general “reset to defaults” option in there as well?

Thank you!

Best way to do it if anything goes wrong is to short GPIO0 (WLED default pin for button) to ground for 8 seconds. It will force controller go to AP mode.

Ah perfect, thank you very much!

Does this still work on the latest? I can’t get GPIO0 to ground to reset WiFiand force access point.

If you change default button use button pin you assigned.