Factory reset without button

Does WLED 0.13.1 or 0.13.3 currently have a way to reset the Wifi or AP settings without using a button?
I want to turn AP mode off and have wifi disconnected to save power, but in the case of emergency be able to do something with the supply voltage to cause ESP32 and WLED to return to factory settings so its recoverable?

I will not have access to using a button.

I don’t know of anything specific to the current code.
It might be possible to make a usermod to enable something like this.

Simple question though,

If you can “do something with the supply voltage” why can’t you push a button, wave a wand, blink a special light, etc. to trigger a reset? You’re looking for something to trigger a reset upon an “exception condition”. What’s special about your working environment that you have access to the power but not an additional wire along the power (for a button).

Thanks for the reply. All of the buttons are currently being utilized for other purposes.

How many buttons do you have in use now?

Are you using all the possible modes (short,long,very long press) for all the buttons?

What’s the setup?

4 buttons, using them all as switches actually.
Aircookie posted about changing a file to make power cycling cause a factory reset of WLED in 2019 I believe.
I was wondering if this ever got integrated, doesn’t look like it.

@divsys is their a way to make a very long press factory reset WLED? or does grounding GPIO0 for 7 seconds still do this?