Wled crash when linking preset to long press button

I’ve got a pretty simple setup for wled with an ESP32-wroom-dev-c board, a short strip of 72 led’s in 3 sections and 3 touch buttons. I try to set the buttons to set specific presets. I can setup everything as normal and run it for several days and multiple power-cycles until I set the short press different from the long press.
The unintentional behavior happens as soon as I save the setting. Wled disconnects from the wifi, and does some sort of full reset. It gets stuck on the default 30 led’s and refuses to connect to wifi, until a new flash.

I tested this with just a handful of presets (one static and one firelike effect) in combination with on/off toggle.

anyone else experience with this? could it be that the memory is too small? might it be a buffer overflow? or a settings bug?

You might try using a different button than “0”.
It sounds like you’re tripping the default function(s) of button 0 on longpress (reset to factory).

Try assigning button 1 and/or 2 on different GPIOs.

What version of WLED are you running?