Button troubles with 0.12.0

So I’ve been ripping my hair out trying to get a simple button/switch to work with WLED 0.12.0. Supposedly it just goes between pin D3 and GND on a nodemcu or d1 mini, but no matter how many buttons and different configurations/boards I threw at it, I couldn’t get any response from pushing a button. On a whim I flashed 0.11.0, and discovered that this simple button configuration works perfectly!

So my question is, has anything changed regarding button wiring/configuration from .11 to .12? I’ve got the “On/Off button enabled” in Sync Settings enabled (though even if I toggle that off, it re-enables automatically on reset), nothing seems to help other than reverting to 0.11.0. I can’t be the only person for whom buttons aren’t working on the latest release, can I?

Is there a usermod or something that I need to enable and recompile, or am I just missing something silly? Thanks in advance!

In settings you have yo set PIN number.

Even when using the default GPIO0 / D3? The only pin number I set was for the LED strip itself, where would I find the button pin setting?

LED Preferences

IF you using default pinout you have to put 0 in button pin field.

in the LED preferences you can set the PIN

In SYNC Pref you neet to activate On/Off button enabled (there seems to be a bug this turns off sometimes when you reboot)