Disable WiFi

I want to light my kids bedroom with wled setup, I prefer not to use WiFi in bedrooms.
Since I control wled from a button (ordered also IR remote) I need the wifi only for initialize setup.

Can I disable the Wifi after the setup?
Maybe have 5 minutes to set up each time power up than go to off mode?
Maybe waking up wifi with a button?

if it is not supported yet (probably) can I do it by myself?
I found that ESP support that with: ‘WiFi.mode(WIFI_OFF);’
Can anyone point me where can I use it in the code? I have some programming knowledge.

Curious what is harm of just leaving it on? Or simply let the wled device stay in ap mode…

I’m using wifi all day, prefer not to have any wifi signal in my rooms also at night when I don’t really need it.

Yes so just turn your Wi-Fi off then signal gone? Turning Wi-Fi on wled off won’t kill the signal from the router.

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Another reason might be that the security measures of the esp boards are not exactly military grade
Of course you could have the WLED units only run on a separate secured VLAN as to shield the real (home)network from any attackers, but that is not for every one

I know that the chances someone “pentesting” the ESP boards to get onto your network is very small, but humans can be very stupid and cruel so when they DO get on your network … yeah.

Usually I build them into some sort of Faraday cage to severly reduce the range of the boards. But how nice would it be to just have to push a button?

I use the Esp32 with WLED on a vehicle. When I drive off the color and effect stay running. I am not able to change color or effect but as long as there is power to the ESP32 it runs.
So my guess that turning off the wifi will not have any change …unless you want to change color or effect.