Having trouble changing palette IDs via JSON

I’m trying to create the right JSON object to change palettes via a preset, but I’m off track somewhere and cannot figure out my error.

I have two goals: One, to toggle through some contiguous range of preset IDs, like 10, 11, 12, 13. Two, to toggle through noncontiguous IDs, like 10, 20, 30. In each case, I’d like the preset to just wrap around and keep going through the same list items.

The first at least is easily done for presets, this bounces between presets 1 and 2.


But for palette IDs, I cannot get it to work with the same ID syntax.

Here’s the JSON I am trying;


When I hit the preset with this code, it switches the effect palette to 10 (Forest) but hitting the preset again does not switch to palette 11 (rainbow).

If I try the sample code from the documentation, changing the segment ID to 0, it does something similar… It switches to one palette, the same one every time, and hitting the preset again changes nothing.


So… What am I doing wrong? If the sample code doesn’t work I must have something misconfigured, but I can’t see what.

If it matters my project has just one LED strip in 1d mode.