Changing palette on presets

I have a list of effects I want to run on a string of lights, but I want to be able to change the color palette depending on the season. I currently have 11 presets randomly run in a playlist. I handle the seasons by doing a backup of the presets, calling it say “christmas_presets”, and then I have a “halloween_presets” file that is a copy of the “christmas_presets” except I change the 3 color values, that I import. I’m looking to automate the seasons through Node-Red and Home Assistant, so can’t (or don’t know how) use those backup files. Is there a way to do this?

This is possible, however you manually need to edit the JSON contents of the presets.
Make one preset for each season you want to use containing the colors (e.g. say you want to do red, green and white for Christmas, you’d do {"seg":{"col":[[255,0,0],[0,255,0],[255,255,255]]}}.
Uncheck “Use current state” and paste it into “JSON command”. This preset will do nothing but set the correct colors for that season.

For the 11 effect presets, delete the "col" values from all of them. That way they will not change the colors, but only effects and other settings.

This approach is in my opinion more practical for automations than replacing preset files.

Just a note: Using this approach will disable your playlist if you are using one.