How do I change colors on already made segments

Running 420 WS2811 LEDS from nodeMCU running 0.13.0-b6 at the moment,
I have set up 7 segments to match my roof ridgeline and have reverse direction set in every other segment. I have a pleasing display for Halloween… but how do I change the colors for Christmas? I cannot find a way to change the colors (or pattern) on premade segments.
I had to rebuild the 7 segments starting with Christmas colors to get the colors to stick. Is this normal? Can a segment display be changed once built? Thx

My typical process is to build up something I like and save it as a preset.
To rebuild with new colours, I’ll load that preset and then immediately save it as a different preset.

From there I can tinker with the new variation while keeping the original safe.

Watch out for “Active” check marks on your segments (upper left corner of segment window). When they’re on colour and effect changes will stick, otherwise not. What I find a little confusing is that you can make changes to the segment’s start, end, grouping, and spacing whether it’s active or not.

I haven’t figured out exactly when you need to use the “Apply” button and when it just happens.

Try to go 1 segment at a time and save to your new preset often. When you play with grouping and spacing, the net effect is often not obvious until you’ve changed ALL the segments.

Tedious at the start, but it gets easier.

If the effects are just right, make a new PRESET from the old one. Then open up the preset with the arrowdown on the button. There you see the effects but also the colors. Change the numbers of the colors and ready you are…

have done that except for making a new preset… Ill try it. Thank you. JJ