Having a heluva time getting mind wrapped around segments. I’ve heard that the most common reason for segs not working as you want is wrong settings in the led configs area.

I have a short single 2811 strip of 90 LED’s. Should the setting in configs be 90??


If you have 90 LED’s and want all 90 in the same segment then yes the segment would start at 0 and stop at 90. A second segment example would be start at 90 and end at lets say 180 (if you had a 2nd 90 segment)

Thanks for your thoughts… I’m beginning to think that I have either a hardware issue (esPixelStick) or WLED bugs. Last night I set up two segments 45 each, the first was OK. (candy Cane) I set the second 45 to chase green color… nothing… BUT then I accidentally touched the brightness control… VOILA!!! Second segment now working perfectly. Huh???


Weird. Remember you have to save a preset with your segments or they will not be saved.

What version are you running?

If you’re not yet, get up to v0.13.3.


Will do if I’m not already on it.



Ah… That could well be my problem… I’ll check and report back here.


That was indeed my problem. I was mistaken when I stated that changing brightness made everything work… Duh!!

Now I just need to learn about the JSON API, as I expect you can do much more with effects, etc by using it… Correct??

Oh, and once I got it to working, I set up four segments of 20 LED’s each with Fireworks1D. The fourth segment I set as orange in color… But at the end of each lighting cycle the orange changed to pure red!
Not sure what caused this, but I changed all four segments to CHASE and it does not change at all.

Thanks ALL for the suggestions/help.


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