Questions about Segments... How and Why

WLED 0.10.2, 812 LEDS (WS2811), 1 nodeMCU

  1. I want to make 3 segments for sides and front of house (to display Halloween Eyes on front only). When I make only segment 2 active, segments 1 and 3 still display solid colors (orange and green)… so how do I turn those off? How are palettes set for inactive segments?
  2. Can I make a sequence of this #2 segment only (to play in rotation with other effects).
  3. How do I get sequences to stick? If I reboot WLED , all settings come back except segments. Only segment 0 is present after reboot.

Start here…

I had read that several times before but missed that preset 16 saved the segments. Thanks.


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Maybe you can configure black color for segment you want off.

The question is HOW to program the other sections (1 and 3). They are
not active (no checkmark) and thus can’t be selected.

Curious minds want to know…

Are you saying you can’t select them (get checkmarks)?

No, I can select any of the three segments. The question is: when I select an effect for the #2 (checked) segment, the other segments light up also but in solid colors. I would think that they should be off because they are unselected. How do I control the unselected segments?

Selecting allows editing. It’s not to enable them.

So… all segments are always on… If I want only segment 2 to light up then I program segments 1 and 3 as black. Is that right?

If I set up 3 segments as above and save it to P16… and I want to sequence with 14 and 15, say… 14 = effect A; 15 = effect B; 16 = Segments programmed as above… the sequences stick from 16… I can’t go back to all leds on a single effect unless I reset the segments (which goes to 0 segments). So I don’t think what I want will be practical until segments can be saved in every preset.

This is hard to explain. Foo.

Segments only do what you tell them. :wink:

Yes, if you just want 2 on, you have to turn off 1 and 3.

but to be clear, you can’t turn 1 and 3 off… but you can make them display black. Correct?

Yes. That’s also off. :wink: