[SOLVED] Separated segments and 1 segment with all leds

I have a question about segments. I split my stip on wled into 3 segments (0 - 112 / 112 - 176 / 176 - 291). It worked but my question is, if I set some animation, it will work as 3 separated segments. I want it work as 1 segment.
I tried to create a 4th segment (0 - 291), but when I did this, the other segments stopped working.
What did I do wrong?

Segments cannot overlap. You would need to delete them to access the whole strip. Best done in latest version with Presets.

Got it.
But is there somehow that I can select just part of the strip on Presets as I can’t overlap on Segments?

I select the entire strip on segments (0 - 291), but how can I choose just part of the strip?

As I said, I want when I set an effect / animation, it flows in all strip, not looking like 3 separated strips, and can turn on just part of the strip too.

How can I do this?

Thanks @tonyno

If you want effects to be along the entire strip, you can only have one segment that contains the entire strip. Set that up, save as a Preset.

You can then set up your three segments for other things and save that as another Preset.

It worked…
Thanks again @tonyno

Thank you for this! I had the same problem.