NewbieQs: Single LED assignment? Multi-range segments?

Hi all! I’m brand new to WLED and so far it seems really powerful, however there’s a couple things I’d like to do that I can’t figure out.

  1. Is it possible to manually control each LED individually in, like, a preset or something? I have a bunch of LEDs up on my house, and I’d like to selectively create a “scene” something kinda like this where it’s static, and not just a simple repeating pattern…where I can individually specify a couple LEDs to perform nice targetted accents on the house
  2. Is it possible to have segments that consist of multiple ranges of LEDs? when the installers put the LEDs on my house, they ran the data line across the front, then down the side of the house, and then across the peak at the front of the house, so LEDs on the front of my house are 2 distinct ranges. Please enjoy my amazing mspaint skills to clarify what I mean
    Is there any way to make ranges 0-100 and 200-300 act like a single segment so effects can seamlessly flow over the entire front of the house?


You should have all the control you need using multiple segments.

yeah, you can make the 2 segments display the same effect…but afaik you can’t have a single effect span both segments. Like, if I’m doing a “wipe” effect the 2 ranges will wipe simultaneously and independently, rather than having a single “wipe” that spans/transitions from the first segment to the second.

Correct, if they are on the same data pin.

Let me try to explain things - since I was struggling with this as well
I have a setup on my desk with a total of 264 LEDs - all basically one large strip (one data connection runnng though)

Segment 4 is green / Segment 5 is orange

Lets just ignore the marks on reverse direction (required for running effects)

With Grouping I can set how many LEDs of that segment are seen as one

Remeber the Info 22 LEDs (11 virtual)

Just setting this with a solid color does not do much … here comes Spacing into play
This defines how many LEDs will be left blank (skipping x amount)

When I set this to 1 -

The reuslt will look like this

I believe with this you can set up your exterior light as you want