Issues with Presets and other things

First of all, total noob here. I currently have 350 12V pixels running .11 WLED with a dig uno and I have been having a blast playing with everything. I have 1000 lights total but not all hooked up yet. I plan on doing the first 500 or so on the dig uno and I have some nodemcu’s to run the rest later. I have made some presets and I can cycle those presets with no issues. I branched out and made some of my own patterns starting with a default preset and then changing the colors. All of these work fine when I click them under the presets, but when I run them under the preset cycle, the ones I made seem to get some colors messed up. The ones I made are orange and white. When they run in the preset cycle they are all orange. I can change one of the segments back to white while it is running, but the next time it cycles through it goes back to orange and orange. I am using 2 segments to make them orange and white:

Does it make a difference whether or not both segments are checked when you save? Normally if you click one segment, the other unchecks. I found you can save the preset with either one or both of them checked, but not sure if it makes a difference.
Speaking of presets, after you have save a bunch, is there an easy way to rearrange them. For instance, if I happen to have Christmas presets on 1, 3, and 5, can I easily change them to 1,2,and 3 to run a Christmas only preset cycle without deleting the old ones that were not Christmas related?
The other thing I am wanting to understand is the code for the API. For instance:


Update: I found the wiki part with this info @

is the code for my orange and white Longhorn Lighthouse. Is there somewhere on the wiki that explains all of those settings like sx, ix, pal, etc and what options there are? It would make it so much easier to be able to custom make a preset. I understand the grp and spc abbreviations, but others are foreign to me. Sorry for the deluge of questions in one post, but I am excited to learn more about this really cool software.


Did you get anything figured out WLED_Noobs? It appears that presets are alphabetized. And it looks like you found the JASON API section and that should help a lot when programming. I haven’t messed with the segment part myself, so I can’t comment there. Have you gotten anywhere?

Newest update added preset numbers, so that helps a lot with that issue. It seems to somehow fix my orange and white problem as well. I am having stability issues with wled in general, but I have not been able to find a repeatable pattern yet for troubleshooting. Thank you for the reply.