Newbie Questions - Pixel Count and Christmas Light Effect

I am new to WLED (couple days) and have a couple initial questions. I am running “about” 225 pixels on a Dig-Uno. I have done some hunting and not found the answers - if this is already in another thread - please point me there.

First - How accurate does the pixel count have to be? Do I have to go out in the cold and try to count? Is there an easier way? I believe my number is between 220 and 225. I chose 225 to ensure all would get lit.

My initial (prime) objective is to emulate typical Christmas Lights ( and keep my family happy). I find that the Pride 2015 effect gives a pretty good result. Is there a way to add the random white flashing light found in Glitter to it?

BTW - I am not beyond a programming solution to solve this.


I change the LED count while watching the LEDs. With default of 30, you see how far that goes. Since you know it’s > 200 and < 250, start with 200 and see how much is left (estimate). Then increase # of LEDs by ~3/4 of your estimate.

I keep doing this until I can visually count the number of LEDs still dark. I then add 1 less than that number of LEDs to verify it’s exactly 1 from the end.

Of course, I then add that last 1 and make sure that last pixel comes on.

The reason is that you can add a cable to the end of that set of LEDs and drive another segment of LEDs from the same DigUno data output pin. With DigUno’s (aka (DigDuo’s…), you can drive 2 pins without much effort, and each pin can easily support ~1000 LEDs. Each set of LEDs can be in its own “segment” with its own coloring and effect. That’s quite a bit of flexibility from the mighty DigUnoDuo

Then I make a label and attach it to that strip at the beginning - so I don’t need to do that again.

I set the 3 colors to something nice and seasonal, and matching majority of any existing non-smart lighting. Then select various effects until WAF is high. Then I save it to a preset, give it a name and shortcut name, and set it as the boot up preset.

Thanks for the suggestions on LED count. I had thought of a similar approach but was just being lazy and avoiding the cold (end of string is out of site from inside house). Also thanks for the DigUno(Duo) info and advice. At this time, I do not have plans to expand. I would have to get my mind around using the second data out when each string is probably on its own power supply. I am sure there is advice out there if/when I have a reason to consider such an implementation.
As for presets, I have pretty much done what you suggested. I was just hoping to add the random white flashing light to one of the other effects as it would make a great improvement to my WAF (so I am told))
Thanks again.