Possible Preset Cycle Bug

This was suggested in the chat, and works, but I’m wondering if it’s just leveraging a bug.

If you create three presets, one to turn the LEDs on in one color, the second changes to another color, and the third to turn off the LEDs, set up Preset cycle to run 1-3, start it, and set it to boot with that Preset Cycle, it appears to only run that cycle once. Nothing after the Off preset turns them back on.

  1. Color 1, duration x, then switch to preset 2
  2. Color 2, duration y, then switch to preset 3
  3. Set brightness to 0, duration z, then switch to preset 1

Not sure what you are getting at. I’m asking if that’s a bug or a feature, not how to do it. :wink:

If the last step of a preset isn’t to start over with the 1st preset, it should just drop off the end of the preset.

If there were a way to set what to do at the end, like “Loop for ever, loop n times, revert to previous settings”, that would solve the problem. Of course, the default setting would be “revert to previous settings” so it can handle firmware upgrades with grace.

If I change the last preset to do something besides turn off it recycles.