Preset cycle won't stay turned on

I’m sure I saw the solution to this somewhere, but I can’t find it now. I just updated to WLED 0.10.0, set up all my ‘favorites’ and turned on preset cycle, first and last effect and duration. Then I went to LED Preferences and ticked the box “Set current preset cycle setting as boot default:” Now, when I power off/reboot the device the LEDs are set back to the default All Gold/Orange and the setting has been in LED Preferences has been removed. Yes, I did click Save before I exited. What am I doing wrong? I’m using a nodeMCU flashed with the WLED_0.10.0_ESP8266.bin file.

Having the exact same issue with WLED 0.10.0. Did you ever find a solution? Thanks

Gibt es eine Lösung, habe das gleiche Problem mit der 0.12.0.

The trick seems to be that the preset cycle needs to have triggered at least once before you set it as the boot option. So let it play for at least as long as your interval before setting there bit option.

I had mentioned fixing this to the main developers and they said their focus was on playlist functionality and that preset cycle would be going away.

Danke ich werde es mal versuchen.

Gruß Dirk

Funktioniert trotzdem nicht.