Preset settings

I’m currently using wled 0.10.2 but I can’t change the default preset duration (currently 1,2 seconds) also the number of presets won’t change (cycle 1-5) and preset slot doesn’t save presets 1 to 15.
I can change all the values but after hitting return it jumps right back to the original values.
What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance.

Are you seeing any “Error 2” messages? If so, that is a flash error and would mean you have the wrong memory size/bin file.

No, no errors.
Everything seems to be working fine.
I can set every preset with any effect it’s just the problems as I posted in my first post.

I had this phenonium when I first started learning Wled. It’s not a fault just a quirk on how you erase and store information. The below text is how I solved it.


  1. Presets that are currently stored on a cold boot must be un-checked and re-saved via the config page to erase the memory. Only then can new presents be stored by re-checking the Preset Cycle box and saving again. Not doing it this way seemed to mingle old and new presets together or current presets were not altered.
    It’s a two stage process of erasing old then re-adding new each time you want different presents.

Transition Time

  1. You have effectively two transition features available. The first on the preset page only adjusts the transition time for the current session. It is not permanently stored and will revert straight back to the last default when you exit the app page.
    To permanently store a Transition/ crossfade you have to enter the time in the “led settings page” , setting it in ms. In my case I used 1500ms or 1.5 sec.

Hi Modelman, thank you for your explanation but it’s kind a hard for me to understand.
I’m from the Netherlands and my English is pretty good but when it comes to
technical terms, i don’t understand.
Can you explain your solutions to me in a simple way?
i’m sorry to ask you this much, i really appreciate your help!

i don’t know how i did it but i can manualy set the preset duration at 5 seconds and use 15 presets.
The problem now is i can’t get slot 16 to save al presets.
I use currently the cycle mode.
I use macros to set the time. T=1&PL=16 won’t work. ( T=1 works but PL not)

I only had five presets when I switched macro preset, I changed 5 to 16 in the preset viewing cycle and everything started to work!