Issue loading presets error message

I’m running WLED 11.0 and all of a sudden my presets have disappeared and I’m receiving the error message in the screen shot below:

“Sorry, there was an issue loading your presets”

I’m not sure how this happened. When I try to create a new preset and refresh the browser, I receive the same error. I had to factory reset WLED to clear the error and recreate my presets.

How do I prevent this error from occurring in the future? Is there an easy way to restore presets from the backup that is provided in the error message?

This is very similar to one that Aircoookie answered in chat…

To restore your presets, go to http://[WLED-IP]/edit , open the file presets.json (if it doesn’t exist, create it) and replace the file contents with the preset data you copied

Thank you! I was able restore my presets using those steps!! That was easy!

Any idea why the presets disappeared to begin with? I was also seeing this error when the presets disappeared.


Hi! This is the second time this issue has happened so far - somehow your preset file got corrupted…

If you want to help me troubleshoot the issue should it happen again, you can send me the corrupted presets.json file before replacing it with the good version from the backup :slight_smile:

Thanks Aircookie!

I’ll keep an eye out for the issue and send the json if it happens again.

Happy Holidays!

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