Presets refuse to save

Hi all, i got my dig-quad about a month ago and all worked fine, i then updated to the latest version of wled and since then my presets just wont save, I have literally tried everything i can think off including erasing everything on the esp32 with webflasher and reinstalling fresh wled but is still the same. Someone on facebook suggested it was a bug in the v13 and to try the BETA v14 which i have but they still wont save, when i click save preset it just does nothing. If i go onto ipaddress/edit and click the presets json folder, i can see there is 1 preset there which is

Although there is this preset in number 1, it doesnt show any presets on the preset page on WLED itself, its empty and wont let me add any

I have tried deleting this and clicking SAVE but it throws an error 500?

Please can anyone help me, I really need to save some presets to do a little xmas light show and really dont want to have to buy another unit

Thanks in advance for any help