Presets not saving in latest Beta

Running WLED beta version 0.13.0-b2 (It was also doing this on 12.0)
running 180 SK6812 LEDs
Using a V2 R7 QuinLED Dig-quad
ESP 32 V3.2.3-14-gd3e562907 (0)

  • HERE IS THE PROBLEM- I set up 4 presets, they save and work fine until I turn off and turn back on then they are gone, it is flashing a JSON error at Line something- to fast to read.

Possible other issues that may or may not be causing the issue.

  1. I am doing testing so I know the power supply is under rated right now, do not think this has anything to do with the issue.
  2. Turning these on /off using a WEBCORE Piston- Virtual switch / door/window sensor and a Smart things automation.
  3. Problem still is there even if I turn them on/off outside of #2 i.e. from the web UI or the (Android) phone app.

Anyone else having this issue? Any clue what is going on / how to correct.


You might have a corrupted presets file. See if you can delete it from the /edit page. If that doesn’t work try reading the flash and reinstall.

Maybe I do not understand your suggestion about deleting the preset file- Is there somewhere outside of the UI that you are saying I should delete something? There is nothing to delete on the preset page- I can set a preset, it works, but when I exit the program or turn the power off for example then return the presets are gone, there is a message that says there was a problem and here is the last saved point, the box with the code it in is what I am talking about. Also when I reopen there is a error message that pops up for a half a second that I can’t read but I have seen it enough I know it says something about a JSON error on line 16xx, no clue what that is about, As far as the re-flash goes I can try it but it already came with V12 and it had these issues, I updated to the latest beta and the issue is still there, not sure what re-flashing it would do- Not questioning your logic, just don’t see how doing something I already did and did not work, would work if I tried it again. Personally I think it may have something to do with the way I wrote the piston in WEBCORE and the way in which I set up the automation using that, a virtual switch and a door/window sensor to start and stop things- Today I plan on removing all that and see if the problem goes away- My logic is I know I am using JSON in the piston- I am getting the JSON error popping up so maybe that is it? I’m 99% sure the issue is being caused by me…LOL, That is always a good bet! Thanks for the suggestions.

http://your-ip/edit will let you edit the .json files on the board.

:+1: thanks

So it is mostly fixed…Used the Web UI and factory reset WLED, installed the most current stable version, then installed the 13 beta and that fixed the preset issue. So thanks there! Now I am trying to correct the the WEBCORE piston - I suck even more trying to use that - Need to figure out how to make it start every time using a preset. Thanks again!