Hi. Merry Xmas.

I have an issue with the following set up, and was wonduring if anybody could explain how to resolve it.

I am running a Quinn dig quad & WLED. Version 0.13.0-b5.

However when I go into the presets menu, I am getting an error message that I cannot clear.

The message sais “sorry there was an issue loading your presets”

“Here is a copy of the last known good state”

There is then a box which looks like code within. (Code means nothing to me) this is Followed by a box giving an option to copy to clipboard

If anybody can help, their assistance would be gratefully accepted.


Fraser Reid

Code in the box is your presets that are stored in browser cache.
Copy that and use /edit page to create presets.json then paste copied content into editor window and save.

You can just ignore that and create a new preset.


Thank you for your reply.
I will take a look at it again later.


Fraser Reid