Led Outputs reset to default on using preset 16

When using Preset 16 on boot and selecting led outputs that contain more than 100 across more than 1 strip. Whenever saving it reset the Led outputs to default losing the led config.
I have set this up on a fresh install of wled 13.1 using a quinled esp32

Go into LED Preferences and Select at least 2 sk6812 led light strips and use any combination of more than 100 led’s,
Create preference as ID 16
Change Led Preferences to use 16 on boot.
Upon save it will reset your led preferences for LED Outputs

this only seems to break if selecting ID 16 on boot

In addition after reconfiguring the LED Outputs with 2 or more SK6812 strips with more than 100 leds it will reset each time.

Please post your cfg.json (either from Security/Backup or /edit page) after you save LED settings but before you restart ESP.

This can be closed. After recreating it the same way that i did a dozen times yesterday I am not having the same issue. I even factory reset it. I am not sure what is going on but its working now.