Just finished my first ever LED install- problem with LED count

Hi all- I’m having a weird problem with the LED count setting in WLED. I set it to 99, and all 99 LEDs in the strip work. But when I power off the ESP8266 and turn it back on, only ~60 LEDs light up. But when I go to the LED setup, it still shows an LED count of 99. I have to change this setting to some other value, save it, then go back in to LED setup and change it back to 99 and save that to get the whole string to light up (until the next time it loses power). I don’t see any other reports of problems like that here in my searches.

Any ideas?

I think it was something to do with a preset that was programmed in the Favorites and that I had configured to start with at boot. Maybe I accidentally created a preset with only 60 LEDs on or something- I don’t know. But when I created a new preset, all of the LEDs now turn on as expected.