Lights no longer working?

I just got new led lights WS2812B from btf lighting and i was using glitter mode with sakura coloring then the lights started bugging out and only a few leds had motion and the rest were frozen. Now when i turn them on the leds only go to 30 leds out of 300 and I am new to this and i don’t know what to do so anything helps

Have you set your number of total LEDs correct ? (Config -> LED Preferences -> LED count:)

Regards, Clubby

I think the latest binaries have the reboot-when-changing-effects problem (fixed in Master).

Yes i have it used to work but now it doesn’t

so i should download the newest version?

You would have to download the code and compile it.

and how would i do that?

See here or wait for an update.

Okay i’ll do what it says tomorrow and let you know how it goes. Thanks in advance!

i compiled master and followed all the steps and the light started working again. yet now they still did the same for thing where part of the lights freeze and become unresponsive and only 30 leds work

30 LEDs is the default starting number, so change it to what you have.

I did that already. The lights were working fine until they just stopped

Several reasons come to mind. 30 is the default number of LEDs. Is it exactly 30, or is it ~30?
Exactly 30 sounds like when the number of LEDs was changed from 30 to 300, it was not saved, or did not save successfully.

If it did not save successfully, which you can check by looking at how many are configured after powering off and then back on the WLED controller. If it powers back up and shows 30, it’s not saving properly. To fix that, I would probably erase the firmware completely and reload.

If you have other WLED controllers running, is it possible you have another WLED controller running within WIFI range?

Let’s first find out what happens when power cycling the WLED controller. Does it come back with 30 or 300 configured LEDs?