Set current preset cycle as boot default issue

WLED version 0.10.0 Build 2005030

  • Board: Wemos D1, ESP8266 mini clone

Hi all. First up a big thank you to Aircoookie for this great software and app. Also to all the contributors who have helped him develop what I believe is one of the best led pixel controllers out there.

A quick question regarding the “Set current preset cycle as boot default”. While checking the box and saving this option the box remains un-checked so the preset doesn’t run. I’ve seen this issue mentioned before on earlier builds however thought it was fixed on the current version.
Is this a current app bug or only a problem on certain android devices?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi, you’re welcome, I’m very happy that you like WLED!

Did you have the preset cycle active while saving the LED settings?
Perhaps counterintuitively, this saves the state as-is (if preset cycle is on and it is checked it will run on next boot, if the cycle is off and it is checked it will not run). Therefore, it will also automatically un-check every time the settings are saved.

Thank you for the feedback though, I believe a checked = preset cycle runs on boot, unchecked = it doesn't run would be more logical.

Issue for this thread
Please reply there :slight_smile:

Many thanks. I’ve added my findings with additional info on the above link. Hopefully it will help others if they encounter a similar issue.