WLED 0.12 - setting boot preset

I am learning presets within WLED 0.12. How does one set the boot preset? I read that this is an option but cannot figure out how to do this.


Make a preset then go to config > LED Preferences. About half way down that page it says “Apply preset on boot”



To recap:

  1. boot preset does not work by itself when used by itself with “Apply preset X on boot,” it has to be part of the playlist and the playlist ID has to be specified in “Apply…,” not preset ID.
  2. Apply preset on boot is executed on boot only, not on power on. It would be nice if it worked on power on as well.

Post your hardware.

And post your preset JSON

for some reason I replaced my original post with the reply to your question

Max brightness should be 255. And when using individual pixel control, you freeze that segment. It won’t display any color or effect changes until you unfreeze it. Maybe that is what you want. But you should at least define your segment bounds especially if it’s your boot preset.

Strange as on mine, i can have only 1 preset (not a playlist) and set that to start at boot, it also starts automatically on power on too. Are you using a Dig2Go? as they have a separate power button but the preset should still load when you turn it on with the button