WLED 0.12 - setting boot preset

I am learning presets within WLED 0.12. How does one set the boot preset? I read that this is an option but cannot figure out how to do this.


Make a preset then go to config > LED Preferences. About half way down that page it says “Apply preset on boot”


Bumping this post instead of creating a new one.
I have 0.13.3 WLED and wanted to run preset on boot or when turning lights on.
I have created a preset with JSON, which works when I load it manually.
I checked “Apply preset on boot” but when booting, couple of low LEDs blink and then nothing happens. Off/On doesn’t trigger it either. What am I missing here?

Used the playlist instead of the preset and everything seems to be working. However, I have to have playlist set to “repeat indefinitely,” otherwise, it will not work with power on-off, it will only be executed on boot. This means I cannot do temp changes or cannot use power on-off.

Post your hardware.