Preset brightness level

I seen this issue in 11.0 and again in 11.1. I have Wled set to turn on LED’s after power up to 100 brightness and also run a preset. What I see Wled doing is starting the defined preset but not adjusting to the preset brightness. I have my preset brightness above 100 and it still starts the preset to the 100 I have set for start up. I think if you have a defined preset to start it should also put brightness to the presets saved brightness.


I am not disagreeing with you, but see if you can look at it a different way. You are giving WLED conflicting startup information, and the guess you want WLED to make is not the guess it takes.

(there’s really 3 suggestions, so please read further):
Either remove default brightness, or stop expecting WLED to ignore it when you checked the box.

Here’s an interim solution until an official answer is given:
Start up with a preset - maybe preset 0 - that runs a playlist one time.
The playlist would be perhaps presets 1 & 2.
Preset 1 is color black, brightness 0
Preset 2 is what you have now

So on startup, the default brightness is applied (apparently after a preset is selected / started). It then applies it to either preset 0 or 1, and then preset 2 comes along and adjusts the brightness.

I could be wrong, and the default brightness becomes a limiter, but I don’t think that is the way it works. If it does work that way, there is a “bug” that needs fixing.

When I leave unchecked the default brightness and have it set to start with a preset it won’t start a preset.

I hope someone else posts a better reply. I don’t have WLED UI at my disposal until much later today. If someone has not posted a solution by then, I will look at how I set up my preset. I did not remember setting a default brightness.